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Share the Wealth, Spread the Love

Most of us have a cause that's close to our heart. But not everyone's cause is the same. And that's a beautiful thing. We've designed a giving program that celebrates diversity and empowers our customers to choose where the money goes.

The Pangea Community Bank is a platform for members of The Pangea Community to nominate non-profit organizations they feel can make a difference with the funds that we've created together. Each year, starting April 22, 2014, Pangea Community Members will have the opportunity to vote on the project that most speaks to their heart. Funds will be allocated accordingly.

Members of The Pangea Community include: our customers, our employees, our brand ambassadors or affiliates, and our Beauty Ecologists. To participate in the nomination
or voting process, Community Members must have an online account with Pangea.

If you are a Member of the Pangea Community and would like to see one of your favorite non-profits appear on The Pangea Community Bank voting page, simply fill out the
form to the right. Each submission will be reviewed by The Pangea Community Bank Committee at the Home Office. Organizations that are approved and selected will appear on this page.

Let the giving begin!

In gratitude,

Joshua Scott Onysko
President & Founder

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