Pangea products are skillfully formulated to amplify hydration and support cellular regeneration by feeding the skin with the highest quality antioxidant nutrients, EFA-rich oils, and nourishing plant botanicals that nature has to offer. We take it a step further by using organic ingredients which contain 30% more antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts and leaving out
all synthetics and petroleum-based chemicals. Your skin is your largest organ and may absorb as much as 80% of what you put
on it. The idea is to nurture yourself while nourishing your skin. You deserve it! Pangea's core values are based on the belief that
the thing that makes a good product and a good company are one and the same: INTEGRITY - of product, performance, practices, people, planet, and purpose. That's why we believe in creating products that are "Always Beneficial, Never Artificial". Good for you. Good for every body.

Always: Nurturing, Handcrafted, Organic, Fair Trade (whenever possible), and Cruelty-Free

Never: Petroleum, Sulfates or Detergents, Synthetic Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Fragrances, or GMOs

A Commitment to Organic Purity

Pangea offers you our serious commitment to using beneficial, organic, raw ingredients, providing open-disclosure and transparency of ingredients and operating under responsible business practices that benefit people and planet. We carefully select the highest quality fatty acids, essential oils and botanical extracts that nature has to offer while avoiding ingredients that have been processed with petrochemicals.

Our mission is to bring your skin the purest, most biocompatible nourishment and to delight your senses with skin-beneficial aromas while avoiding the common toxins found in many conventional products. Our formulas are designed to quicken the skin's own regeneration cycle, restore your complexion's radiance and tone, soothe your skin and senses with unique, therapeutic aroma blends, protect from environmental damage and promote an overall youthful radiance.

It is a documented fact that organic botanicals are more nutrient-dense than their non organic counterparts. By using organic ingredients, we offer effective anti-aging, restorative skincare blends that deeply nourish and offer long-term skin benefits.

Organic fruits and vegetables are approximately 30% higher in antioxidants than conventional. Source: Elevating Antioxidant Levels in Food through Organic Farming and Food Processing, C Benbrook, The Organic Center State of Science Review, January, 2005.

Antioxidant-Rich Formulas for
Anti-Aging Results

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With the ancient wisdom of Mother Nature as our guide, we source organic antioxidants for anti-aging and restorative benefits. The high antioxidant content in our products helps defend the skin against free-radicals (a primary cause of the physical signs of aging), supports collagen retention, helps stimulate micro-circulation, gently purifies, brightens skin
tone and helps prevent discoloration and moisture-loss.

Pure Plant Botanicals for Aroma
and Skin Benefit

Always Beneficial, Never Artificial; Pangea aroma profiles are blended using the highest quality supercritically extracted (CO2) and steam distilled essential oils and extracts, from the best sources around the world. The plant botanicals in our formulations not only provide luxurious aroma but also impart their skin-type-specific benefits to soothe, purify, hydrate, nourish, calm, protect and restore your precious skin.

Seriously Pure, Biocompatible Hydration

Pangea formulates with bioavailable hydration (easy for the
body to absorb and assimilate) and skin restoration in mind.
We design long-lasting hydration formulas to restore suppleness and deliver optimal moisture levels for each skin type. Our unique combination of humectants, emollients and protein rejuvenating agents immediately relieves dehydrated skin, prevents further moisture loss and protect from environmental damage.

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A few noteworthy hydrators found in nature:

Essential Fatty Acids

Pangea uses cold-pressed, food-grade oils that are rich in fatty acids Omega-3, 6 and 9 and offer a multitude of skin-beneficial nutrients. Fatty acids help to plump the skin and impart substantial hydration by allowing heightened moisture retention to smooth and soften, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hylauronic Acid

A naturally-occurring substance found in the skin that has phenomenal water-binding capabilities. The amount of hylauronic acid produced by the body decreases with age, rendering topical supplementation beneficial to all skin types for improving visual radiance. Appropriate for all skin types to use daily, hylauronic acid delivers biocompatible, oil-free hydration that protects and restores suppleness.

Olive Squalane

A weightless, non-clogging emollient that is extremely biocompatible with the skin. Squalane firms and softens
while protecting and boosting the skin's ability to recover
from damage.

Saccride Isomerate

A complex carbohydrate or sugar chain that simulates
the carbohydrate fraction naturally occurring in the skin.
It is a highly effective, plant derived "water magnet" that regulates and retains moisture in the skin; providing superior, long-lasting moisture binding properties even under low humidity conditions.

No Fillers, So Every Ingredient is Both Functional and Beneficial

We believe that each bottle and tube should contain as much performance-focused antioxidant-rich nourishment as we can squeeze in. Eliminating fillers slows the speed of consumption; thus increasing value and reducing the need to recycle or throw away profuse amounts of packaging. Good for your skin, good for the planet!

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