5 Fall Skin Hacks Your Skin Wants

As you watch the leaves, temperature, and your wardrobe change, you might notice one other important change: your skin! If your skin starts to feel different than it has been feeling for the last couple months, you’re not alone. The transition into fall and soon after, into winter, means your skin is being exposed to different air, humidity, and temperatures. This calls for some changes to your Skincare Ritual! Here are our top skincare tips for maintaining your radiance despite what the season may bring.

Change Your Skincare Ritual

If you typically follow a Skincare Ritual for Normal & Combination Skin, you might consider switching to a Skincare Ritual for Dry & Sensitive Skin for the upcoming cooler, dryer months. Changes in the seasons can bring about sensitivity, too while your skin adjusts. If Body Lotion is your go-to in the warmer months, you might find that Body Oil is more effective for you in the colder months. Lastly, what about your cleanser? Your daily cleanser in the summer might feel like it’s stripping too much of your natural moisture in the fall. Opt for a Cleanser for Dry & Sensitive Skin, and keep reading for more tips.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Remember those deeply hydrating oils that are thick and lavish that you put away for the summer? It’s time to bring those back out. With the combination of cool, dry air outside and the hot, dry air blowing in your home, moisturizing is key in the fall. Make sure to use a deeply hydrating Body Oil or Body Lotion, especially on your feet or other areas that might need a little extra attention. For your face, incorporate our Balancing Oil Serum and our Facial Cream for Dry & Sensitive Skin to experience hydration at its fullest potential.

Keep Lip Balm Handy

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of chapped lips and having nothing to make the chapping disappear! A moisturizing Lip Balm will save your lips while you’re out and about. Keep your Lip Balm in a convenient place - in your car, in your purse, or in your coat pocket - so you’ll never find yourself without it. Your lips will thank you.

Keep Wearing Sunscreen

Don’t let the clouds and cool air fool you! To keep your skin protected throughout this transitional season, apply a light layer of SPF during your morning Ritual. If your plans involve more sun exposure, apply sunscreen as you would in the summer. Protecting our skin from sun damage is top of mind in the summer, and should still be in fall so your skin avoids blending in with the red fall leaves! Even though it’s no longer bathing suit weather, it’s still sunscreen weather.

Drink Up

If there’s one theme to an awesome fall Skincare Ritual, it’s hydration. Drinking plenty of water will help give your skin an internal boost of moisture and help your body stay hydrated. Fill up that water bottle and keep it with you throughout your day so you can drink your way to more glowing skin. 

Flow with the Seasons

This is the season to listen to your skin and be ready to adapt to whatever it needs! Don’t be afraid to venture outside of the lines of your Skin Type and go-to Skincare Ritual to give your skin its best glow.