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All You Need Is Love

What if today, on Global Love Day, we lived with love in all we do? Take a minute to feel what that would feel like: love in our cooking, our interactions with people, in how we make decisions, in how we treat ourselves, and in how we live our lives.

Love is the connective tissue that binds us together. Love is the force that ups our frequency. Love is the “greater than” and takes us out of our small selves. Love transforms us and holds us when we need to change. And, love is magical - the more you give it away, the more you have. We are not talking about the hearts and flowers kind of love, though we’re not dissing it. We are talking about love as a doing word.

We’ve noticed that when love comes first in how we do life, everything is better. If the world were run on love, relationship, connection, community, compassion, and care it would be a much better place for the people, animals, environment, and for our spirits.

At Pangea, we live love in everything we do, and we find that it makes for a much better way of being, working, making products, and interacting with our customers. We love the earth on which we live enough to go #plasticfree in our packaging. It was not easy, but it is so worth it. We love all our skin enough to make sure our products are plant-based, filled with amazing bioactive-rich ingredients, and we don’t skimp on the good stuff. And we love our farmers enough to develop real relationships with real people who grow, harvest, and produce ingredients they and we can stand behind proudly. We also love you and are here, talking to you all the time about how we see the world, how we want to change it, and what we can all do together. Social media gets a bad rap, but it can also be a force for educating ourselves, coming together, and changing the world.

So when you pick up the most simple products in your day - the apple you eat, the face wash you use, your phone - today, judge what you do with them based solely on love. Is what I am about to do, eat, create, share going to make more love in the world? If the answer is yes, go for it with all your heart. If the answer is no, love allows us to make different choices, so choose something new. Either way, grab hold of the energy of love and take it all the way through your day.

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