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An AHA Moment

I don’t know if you remember the 90’s at all, but if you do, you remember the drugstore exfoliator we were all obsessed with that felt like scrubbing your face and body with the love child of construction grade sandpaper and a seville orange. It felt so, so, cleansing. However, for those of us with any kind of sensitive or delicate skin, it was just a little too extra. But, the feeling of scrubbing, and the idea that I was doing something “good for me” overrode the loud messages from my skin to tone it down a little. As far as I know, that cultish scrub is still out there, enticing folks to go at it like being whipped with birch saplings or cleansed with lava rock.

When I opened my first tube of Pangea’s Daily AHA Gentle Exfoliator, my well-scrubbed fantasies bloomed anew. This exfoliator made me feel as though my skin was super clean without feeling like I had sanded off more layers than a person should. I could totally get with this exfoliation program and have grateful skin.

There are two kinds of exfoliation: physical and chemical. We need both kinds, but what we don’t need is for either kind to be too harsh and remove the happy skin that we need to keep our microbiome and our moisture and well, our internal organs, intact. Enter the Daily AHA Gentle Exfoliator. It has plant-based AHAs (the chemical exfoliators) along with cranberry which is an antioxidant rich exfoliant with Vitamins A and C and is a great physical exfoliator that doesn’t risk your skin’s health. It is intended to be used three times a week but gentle enough that I can use it more often, if my skin desires. It also contains lactobacillus to soothe and balance skin. Followed up by a drench of Nourishing Moisturizer, my face feels like I dreamed it would - all clean and new and fresh with no pore clogs and the shine of brighter skin. Add to all that #plasticfree packaging and, well, I am back in the exfoliating game, but this time with great care for my skin and for the earth. A total AHA moment.

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