Body Oil vs. Body Lotion: Which is Best for Your Skin?

- By: Kayli Westergard

Body Oil vs Body Lotion? Let’s be honest: we all secretly Googled the question the moment we heard there’s a potion challenging our classic Body Lotion. We must know - which is better? And why?

I get it: you care a lot about your skin, you read labels to review ingredients in your skincare products, and your Skincare Ritual is a nearly meditative process. You’re not someone to just slap on any old product laying around. That’s why I’m breaking down the pros & cons of Oil and Lotion to guide your process towards your magical ah-ha moment: the moment when you find the perfect elixir that actually helps fix your skin’s dilemmas.

Body Oil

I doubt there’s a moisturizer that says goodbye to dry skin with more effectiveness than Body Oil. Body Oil is extremely nourishing and is a true treat to desperate, dry skin. It’s simply a mixture of soothing oils and nothing more. It’s the purist’s dream come true and dry skin’s greatest desire. Body Oil resembles the natural oils that your skin produces, causing your skin to warmly welcome this familiar nourishment. And, in the winter, oil is a saving grace to skin that’s been exposed to the bitter, cold, winter elements.

Even in a dry climate, Body Oil can definitely have moments when it feels too, well, oily. Especially on already oily parts of the body, oil can feel like a little too much. Good news: you don’t have to fear clogging your pores or causing breakouts. I’ve certainly shied away from oils in the past for fear of it only making the oily parts of my skin worse. Until I began researching and using oil, I didn’t realize that the deep nourishment of oil can actually reduce acne and breakouts. After a shower is a good time to apply and maximize oil’s benefits because your skin is more absorbent. You can lock in the moisture without feeling like you’ve just taken an oil bath. If you like the way it feels, slather it on every day. If you feel a tad too greasy, save it for your at-home spa days.

We’ve crafted our Pangea Body Oil with a base of five organic, food-grade oils to release the endless list of benefits and nutrients into your skin. We know that you’ll feel health, hydration, and purity soaking into your skin whether you use this oil for daily use, massage, or periodic rejuvenation.

Body Lotion

Is there anything more luxurious feeling than smoothing on some lovely scented lotion? The lighter, creamier texture of Body Lotion makes it perfect as an every day moisturizer in the summer or for skin that is already supple and soft. Oilier skin thrives with lotion as a gentle replenishment that moisturizes and adds glow without adding excessive oil. If you’ve already used a Body Oil earlier in the day and your skin needs a little pick-me-up later in the day, lotion will perfectly rehydrate your skin. In hotter, more humid climatesor for those beach vacation dayslotion might be your one-stop solution to your skin’s cry for moisture.

If you research around the Internet, you might find voices hailing oil as the healthier option. If you compare organic oil to an average lotion that has synthetic ingredients, then yes, oil is undoubtedly the healthier option. Many body lotions are commonly watered-down, can contain alcohol that will actually dry out your skin (ironic, right?), and have other fillers that don’t give any healthy goodness to your skin. If you’re comparing oil to lotion that is organic, nutrient-dense, and doesn’t contain any fillers, the choice is your personal preference.

Pangea’s Body Lotion is filled with ingredients to support the natural oils and glow already emanating from your skin. You’ll feel the nutrient-dense Coconut Oil and Aloe deeply hydrating and conditioning your skin and the variety of organic Essential Oils in our different scents help purify, rejuvenate, and satisfy your skin’s need for wholesome, uplifting replenishment.

The Verdict

In case you skipped to the end, here’s the bottom line to answer your Google search: neither Body Oil or Body Lotion are superior in their essence, especially when they’re both full of high-quality, organic ingredients like ours are. Keep both around so you’re prepared for your skin’s dry tantrums and blissfully moist days. Listen to what your skin needs and allow your routine to flow with the seasons and the climate. Depending on your skin’s tendencies and the season, it may be best to use a combination of Body Lotion and Oil. Consider using oil on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as a deep nourishing treatment to replenish and soothe skin, and using lotion as a daily moisturizer to enhance your skin’s vibrance and softness. If you live in a dry climate, you may want to adopt oil on a daily basis if simply lotion won’t suffice. You can’t go wrong, and your skin will thank you.