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Easy Skincare is IN in 2023

These days we’re hearing a lot about 14 step skincare routines and super complex skincare regimens, and it makes us wonder why someone needs 14 steps when we can start off with three? There is magic in making life simple. And your skincare routine should be magically easy, too.

We want you to glow without stressing out. What you really need is not at all complex: a routine that’s perfect for your skin, great ingredients, and a habit that sticks.

So first, take our short and sweet quiz and make it easy to find the best products for your skin. If you are new to Pangea or a longtime fan, take the quiz to see what your skin needs today.

Second, explore our Skincare collection and find out just how great our ingredients are. These ultra-pure + effective formulations — now in plastic-free packaging — are loaded with bioactive ingredients designed to up your glow quotient.

Finally, you need to make your simple skincare into a habit. Habits stick better when they are very simple - so we recommend starting with:

De-Stress Foaming Facial Cleanser. A lightweight gel infused with six bioactive ingredients to gently cleanse and purify skin, without feeling stripped. Fully removes makeup and impurities, and helps calm skin, leaving it hydrated and prepped for treatment. Recommended for all skin types.

Ultra Rich Nourishing Facial Moisturizer. Packed with potent anti-aging actives and antioxidants to richly hydrate, nourish skin, and help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and a healthier-looking, even skin tone.

Peptide-Rich Eye Cream. Packed with powerful, plant-based antioxidants and peptides to improve appearance of visible signs of aging. Richly hydrates the eye area and works to protect from environmental aggressors, for brighter, firmer-looking skin.

It’s time to make your skincare routine simple, easy, effective, and good for your skin. From there you can add all the flourishes from your skincare quiz and see where it takes you. Wherever you go next, you’ll feel and look amazing.

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