Fall's Miracle Ingredient

The marshes at James Lake Farms in Wisconsin date back to 1940, and for the last 16 years farmers John and Nora Stauner have dedicated their lives to growing cranberries organically – choosing to make a difference in the community by creating a product that offers the purest quality to consumers and supports healthy preservation of the land. 

Today, the farm spans 189 acres and twelve different fruit varieties of organic cranberries. I met John ten years ago – I was developing a facial scrub for Pangea and wanted to use the highest quality cranberries as a physical exfoliant in the formula. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants, and combined with Vitamins A & C, research indicates they also offer health-promoting effects when consumed in supplements or juices. “The bioactive compounds known as anthocyanins present in cranberries are known for their health benefits, and these anthocyanins are also what give cranberries their vibrant red color,” says John.

Fall is the pinnacle of every year – as the entire harvest hinges on this moment, when in a matter of weeks 2 million pounds of fruit are harvested and frozen. I was fortunate enough to support the harvest this year, where I saw firsthand the commitment to organic farming practices, and how this farm has created community and legacy through generations. The family’s livelihood and future are dependent on this farm, and everyone takes this with great pride and responsibility.

“One of the things we see as an organic marsh is the natural habitat of the wildlife bounce back, and really thrive. You get to see an ecosystem balance, a symbiotic relationship with the land, and complete cycles of life,” says Benjamin (John’s son and Farmer).

John Stauner, Owner of James Lake Farms and Joshua Onysko, Founder and CEO of Pangea.

John and I both share a common goal – in choosing to create a product of the highest quality, that is good for people, and our earth. It’s extremely important to me to choose partners who are committed to creating products with purpose and positive impact, and to share the stories of these superpower ingredients with everyone.

Ten years later, John and I are so proud to continue this work and our partnership. We launched Pangea’s new Daily AHA Gentle Exfoliator in April of this year, and the instant benefits this product provides are unparalleled – give it a try for visibly brighter, smoother skin, and a healthier-looking glow.

Please see footage of this year’s harvest here, and be sure to visit James Lake Farms to shop the harvest directly:

James Lake Farms Organic Cranberries


Founder and CEO