Five Gift Ideas for Your Wild Thing

- By: Safia Ohlson

We considered turning this into a Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him. We envisioned a roundup of introductory items he’ll love that will break him free from a life of mediocre grooming products, and introduce him to the high pleasures of self-care excellence.

A) so sexist (our founder is a man).
B) the patriarchal, heteronormative status quo is so yawn. What if your adorable but poorly-groomed boo can’t be locked down with binaries? 

Therefore, this is a Valentine’s Gift Guide for Your Wild Thing. We know you love them, even if they still use conventional deodorant, petroleum-based lip stuff, and cheap, drug store shampoo, and that’s wonderful. But why not rock their world with non-toxic Deodorants scented with Essential Oils, addictively great Lipcare, Skincare they’ll seriously wonder how they ever lived without, game-changing Shampoo and Conditioner, luxurious, aromatherapeutic Body Wash, and divinely scented, highly effective post-workout muscle balm?

It’s as much a gift for you as it is for them. Without further ado, here are some of our best gift ideas for your adorably-wild-and-wooly-soon-to-be-impeccably-groomed Valentine.

1.) Alpine Provisions All-In Plastic-Free Bundle - Elevate their shower ritual to a nature retreat with a well-priced, curated selection of Castile Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bar Soap, Magnesium Deodorant, and Lip Balm combinations. Choose between two All-In Bundle options, each of which is perfect for daily use and contains everything they'll need for a personal-care overhaul. Alpine’s signature Essential Oil aromatherapy blends will signal your beloved’s whole being to remember its wild and true nature, and our all-star line-up of nurturing, organic ingredients have been sourced with respect for people, planet, and purity. Even more to love: all packaging is plastic-free!

2.) Alpine Provisions Lip Balm + Relief Balm  With particular consideration for winter sports lovers, Alpine’s Relief Balm offers 50mg of the highest quality, organic hemp extract available to soothe sore après ski muscles. Alpine’s Lip Balm will keep their kisser plump and moisturized, no matter how the winds howl. It’s a gift so great, you’ll want to keep one for yourself.

3.) Pangea Facial Mask  Masking together can be sexy (ahem, smearing things on each others bodies), and anyone familiar with our Matcha and Goji Berry Facial Mask knows what a game changer it is for improving skin’s clarity, elasticity, smoothness, and glow — it’s a brilliant ingredient to incorporate into your Valentine’s at-home Spa Night.

4.) Pangea Skincare Ritual Set  Say “I’m in it for the long haul,” with an organic, plant-based Skincare Ritual — it’s one of the best things we can do for the long-term health of our complexions. Pangea’s Skincare Ritual Set comes in three different Skin Type formulas and streamlines daily self-care with a purifying Facial Cleanser, vitamin-rich Toning Serum, and nutrient-dense Facial Cream.

5.) Pangea Body Wash + Lip Balm  As two of its premier offerings, Pangea’s Body Wash and Lip Balm remain staples for those who adore excellent Bodycare products. With Body Wash scents— Italian Sage, Geranium, & Yarrow, Pyrenees Lavender & Cardamom, and Canadian Pine & White Sage— and Lip Balm Scents— Italian Red Mandarin & Rose, Pyrenees Lavender & Cardamom, and Egyptian Fennel, Grapefruit, & Sweet Orange— there is something for everyone’s taste. (And speaking of taste, you’ll love the way it tastes when you kiss.)

image credit: Ron van den Berg