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Five Reasons to Exfoliate

We can all become a little obsessed with what we put on our skin, hoping that the products we use will improve our skin. What we miss when we focus only on what goes on our skin is that first we need to take some stuff off. In other words we need to exfoliate. Without exfoliation our skin is simply not as healthy as it could be, and that means not as smooth, radiant, and glowing.

What is exfoliation, exactly? It’s when we remove dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. We can exfoliate two ways, one is physical, with some kind of abrasion, and the other is chemical, with special acids that dissolve and remove dead skin cells.

Do we need to do it every day? In short, yes. But it’s important that we exfoliate with the right gentle products so we don’t irritate the skin. There are a few ways to do it. Our Daily AHA Gentle Exfoliator is a dual-action physical and chemical exfoliant that polishes and smooths skin, cleans clogged pores, and reveals visibly brighter, smoother skin, and a healthier-looking glow. Our Superfood Smoothie Mask is an antioxidant-rich, multi-tasking miracle that helps remove impurities. Then there is our Pore Purifying Peptide Toner, a multi-tasking elixir that works to clean pores with a powerhouse blend of acids, peptides, and antioxidants.

So that’s the how, but what about the why? There are five top reasons to add exfoliation into your skincare routine:

1. Unclogs pores. Exfoliation gets the gunk out of your pores. Cleansing is just not quite enough. We need to also sweep out the debris that lingers in those little pores.
2. Preps our skin to take in more of the good stuff you put on. Those skin cells become a barrier preventing all the amazing ingredients in your products from being fully absorbed. When we clean them out, you get more benefit from the products we use.
3. Evens skin tone. Breaking down and removing the dead skin cells is great for smoothing texture and making your skin look a little more uniform.
4. Can reduce breakouts. Fewer clogged pores also mean fewer breakouts, especially when you do it in an non-irritating way through gentle exfoliation.
5. Boosts skin health. Exfoliation can bring more blood flow, it gives your skin some breathing room, helps boost cell turnover, and supports optimal skin function. Our skin is a living organ that has a complete process of cell turnover every 28 days, and exfoliation helps that process.

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