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Gift Kindness

Kindness happens all around us, every day, we just need to notice it and give it our attention. Today is World Kindness Day, the perfect time to find and share some kindness (and couldn’t we all use a dose of delight right about now?).

Why Practice Kindness?
It’s selfish, really: practicing kindness is great for you. It feels good and it benefits both body and soul. Plus, we’re even more attractive when we’re kind.

As you likely know, human care is a priority for us. How we care for ourselves and each other can make small changes with a very big impact on not just us, but on our communities, and the world. With that in mind, here are a few ways to spread the love on World Kindness Day (and every day):

Be kind to yourself – You can’t spread kindness if you aren’t feeling it. Take some time to fill your own cup. Read a good book, take a walk in nature, smell lovely things, use products that make you feel good, cook a meal you love, breathe for a few minutes, write down five things you are grateful for, or dance in your living room.

Be kind to your friends and family – Send gratitude texts, do the dishes for someone, leave a note, do a chore that’s not yours, forgive someone, give a ten second hug, share a compliment, reach out, give a gift, or make someone a cup of tea.

Be kind to your community – let someone merge in traffic with a big wave, be the bright spot in someone’s day with a please and a thank you, smile at people in the store, give food to a local food pantry, tell a stranger they did a great job, use your wallet to vote for sustainable brands, or buy the next person in line coffee when you get yours.

Be kind to the earth – Walk or bike somewhere, buy products with packaging that won’t end up in a landfill, eat a vegetarian meal, buy food from a local farmer, send a letter to your representatives supporting the planet, or clean out your closet and donate what you don’t need.

Kindness Can Be Our Go-To.

All it takes to change the world is one smile, a random thank you, one gift. This year we introduced our first-ever packaged holiday gift collection to make sharing the love that much easier.

Giving a gift in kindness for the holidays, or for no reason at all, can have a bigger impact when you support sustainable brands. You help the earth because our packaging is recyclable, compostable, and renewable. You vote for a more sustainable world because we are not just plastic-free, we are committed to helping the planet thrive. You support your community because you give human care (in the form of ethical farmers) the chance to make a good living. And you let someone know how much you value them from the inside out because the collection is both 100% sustainable and luxurious.

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