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Give the Gift of Connection this Valentine’s Day

The best gifts are experiences - especially ones that connect people and expand our potential for joy. When we give people our time and create an experience for them, we show them how deeply they matter. When we know them well enough to know what they love, we tell them they are seen. Sure, you could give someone a box of chocolates or some roses, but what if you gave them a spa day and let them know they are loved, cared for, nurtured, and embraced?

Our most 'romantic' products are designed to be used together to create moments of intimacy and connection. If you are so inclined you can create a spa in your bathroom and give the people you love a treat. Soft music, tea, a few treats to eat, and warm towels will bring anyone into Valentine’s Day bliss. Start with a Superfood Smoothie Mask, and maybe reading aloud a book you both love. After relaxing for a bit, follow the mask with Super Antioxidant Glow Oil, then layer Ultra Rich Nourishing Moisturizer and enjoy each other’s at-home spa glow.

If your valentine is so disposed you can add in a body massage with Body Oil or add Body Oil to a warm bath for two. Follow with Body Lotion to seal in moisture. Wrap up in a fluffy robe or towel and watch a movie, listen to music, or just chill feeling loved and cared for.

If the people you want to gift are not on the list of folks you might spend time with in a towel, you can gift any or all of the spa products along with a sweet mug and a box of tea.

Knowing what people need, and being able to gift it to them, creates a sense of intimacy and connection beyond what we usually do for Valentine’s Day. Giving them a daily way to care for themselves makes every day a little sweeter.

So when you set out (early and with time to spare) to get gifts for folks this year, take their experience to heart. Give them something that will last longer than an evening, and will make them feel nurtured, seen, and adored.

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