Gratitude Will Set You Free

Most parents teach their kids to say “Thank you” when somebody does something for them or gives them something, but a true sense of gratitude is a bit more complicated to understand. Gratefulness is a state of being that is born from the understanding that in every situation, there is space to be thankful. Whether the situation is positive or not is irrelevant: there is always space. This is not an emotion that can be forced – it is one that is either inherent or learned through finding a deeper understanding of the multitude of things that our minds and hearts can embrace. Through this understanding, our minds will eventually be set free.

People who develop a true sense of gratefulness tend to have a higher overall sense of happiness and positive wellbeing; this is because gratefulness creates room in the heart to help us work through all of the things life throws our way. It is when things really fall apart that we need this deep understanding to move through any situation with grace.

My Personal Mantra:

If you feel lost, be grateful
If you feel defeated, feel grateful
If you feel unheard, feel grateful
If you feel hurt, feel grateful
If you feel alone, feel grateful

No one can take away your gratitude when you learn that it is the light that guides you in your darkest hour.

Feel it.
Love it.
Live it.

Strength and wisdom.