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Holiday Whirlwind

The whirlwind is upon us. The holiday season, with all the joy, energy, travel, parties, people, and presents, begins next week. As wonderful as this time of year can be, there’s no denying it’s also a lot. Sometimes it’s not so wonderful and is just a lot. So it’s time to up your self-care game before you get tired, emotionally hung over, travel weary, and saturated with holiday cheer.

What can you do now to build up some resources and be ready for holiday travel, holiday people, and all the holiday emotions?

Find some time to be quiet. A very wise woman once told me to “Go slow to go fast.” The more you think you don’t have any time, the more time you should take to care for yourself.

Slather your skin with what feeds and protects it. Travel is hard on our internal clock, our skin, and our hydration. So is being tired. So hydrate your skin, your hands, and your body from the outside in and the inside out.

Get emotionally resourced. Make sure you have a friend to talk to, a good excuse to escape up your sleeve, and a good book or tv show to escape to.

Go full on fall. If your thing is pumpkin spice, go for it. Get into the season. For us that means leaning into the maple leaf extract, the persimmon, and the cranberry in our products and some hot cider in the kitchen. Just simmering apple cider with a cinnamon stick can change the feeling of your whole house and your soul.

Try something new. During a time when patterns creep out of the woodwork like your grandma’s cranberry jell-o, making small shifts can change your perspective. Try a new product, take a walk with a friend, make a blueberry pie instead of pumpkin, whatever makes you feel a little mischievous and free.

In the meantime, we have your back. We are bringing you Black Friday early so you can take your time and start your season right. Save up to 75% Off all Pangea products, plus receive a Free choice of Hand Cream (3.3 fl oz tube) with any $75 purchase, through 11/30/22 (midnight MT).