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Hopes & Dreams

Happy National Month of Hope! What are your hopes and dreams? For us it’s world peace, a healthy planet, and #LifeAfterPlastic. Here’s what we’re doing to help make it happen:

World Peace – It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture, so we’re starting with the things over which we have control. When basic needs, such as clean water and living wages, are met, there is room to prosper peacefully. We are committed to supporting Human Care though our products. This begins by sourcing the best ingredients from the most ethical farmers around the globe. In doing so, local economies thrive, and farmers are incentivized to keep doing things in ways that are good for the planet and people.

Healthy Planet – Our health is inextricable from the planet’s. Using toxic ingredients disrupts both! Nature-rich, plant-based, and sourced from 54 global regions, our ingredients are always at active levels, so when you put them on your skin, they do what we say they'll do (no chemicals necessary). You can expect complete transparency in our ingredient labels and know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

#LifeAfterPlastic – Ever stop to consider the insanity of using something once and then throwing it into a landfill where it will exist for thousands of years? This is what happens every time we consume single-use plastics! Plastics also end up in our waterways creating many problems for the soil and wildlife. The good news is that this month we’re launching our new, Plastic-free Skincare. We feel that a company can't truly be cruelty-free unless it is also plastic-free, and it is our mission to help people create a #LifeAfterPlastic. Now you can enjoy nature-rich Bodycare packaged in compostable, recyclable, and plastic-free packaging. (Skincare coming later this month!)

It's a wild world out there. When you keep your hopes alive, it's actually a public service — after all, we’re the ones creating our future. Keep moving toward your dreams, and we’ll do the same.

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