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How (and Why) to Use Peptides

Peptides are amino acids that naturally occur in all our skin, and they are part of what makes firm, youthful skin. These peptides are the building blocks of collagen, and the more collagen we have, the younger our skin appears. They are also messaging agents telling skin it's time to repair. Luckily, they also absorb well into the skin, so if we need them, topical use is a great way to get them.

The benefits of peptides don’t stop there, they help with:
- Improved skin barrier
- Reduced wrinkles
- Less inflammation
- Reduction in breakouts
- Improved hyperpigmentation

When you decide to add in peptides to improve your skincare here is some important information to keep in mind.

First, peptides work well with other ingredients so you want to make sure your skincare has Vitamin C, niacinamide, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acids. When you look at the list of bioactives in Pangea products, you will find all of the friends peptides need to help them do their job well. You will also find Nonapeptide-1 and Acetyl tetrapeptide-2 so you can take a look at the peptides in our products.

Next, you want them to be in products that stay on your skin for a while - so in our Peptide-Rich Eye Cream and our Pore Purifying Toner, you are getting the peptides in ways that will stay in contact with your skin till the next time you wash your face.

Finally, you want to use them twice a day, in the morning and at night to get the most out of your skincare. Peptides are small molecules that are well absorbed and you want to give them the chance to do their work.

Often, when we break down skincare products into their constituent parts, it gets hard to keep track of what you are supposed to use when and in combination with what. Pangea’s skincare formulas are crafted with a powerhouse team of chemists to combine the purest ingredients from nature at active levels, for science-backed, clinically-proven performance. We are committed to the most efficacious levels of bioactive ingredients and provide ingredient labels with full transparency. So you can feel confident that the bioactives you need are in there, combined with others that make them shine, and that you know what you are using with no hidden surprises.

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