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Human Spirit Day

“Being true to yourself really means being true to all the complexities of the human spirit.” 

-Rita Dove

It’s World Human Spirit Day. Today we’re celebrating the vastness and complexity of the human spirit and the invisible hand it has in our daily existence. 

Most spiritual traditions believe that we are more than just our bodies, that there is an invisible force (spirit) interwoven with our physical lives that is connected to something greater than the cycle of birth and death. This is the force that directs our intuition and is, for example, behind the mystery of why we fall in love with one person and not another, why we’re good at physics but not poetry (or vice-versa), why we’re destined for fame or obscurity, or why we love living in the mountains rather than by the sea. It is the essence of our existence, and it might be more in charge than we realize.

If the human spirit has so much influence, then how do we consciously access it? 
Knowing our inherent vastness can certainly be helpful when it comes to navigating daily life. Understanding that we are the sacred alchemy of spirit and matter can help us unhook from the quagmires of human drama and raise our vibrations to match pure love and peace. Meditation is one way to become better acquainted with our human spirit. Spending time alone in nature is another.

Taking a little time each day to contemplate the mysteries of our existence is invaluable. Read about string theory, The Autobiography of a YogiThis is Your Mind on Plants, or Vibrate Higher Daily  whatever loosens fixed concepts you have about life (and your place in it) will aid you in evolving out of who you were and becoming who you are meant to be. 

Happy World Human Spirit Day! Enjoy the exploration of all that you are. There are so many directions you can take, and the one you choose might best be left to where your spirit wants to go!

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