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If You Live Your Truth, You Won’t Waste Time Disproving Others

In traveling this life we learn many skills, some of which do not serve us. One of the skills we pick-up is “labeling.” It is not always a negative practice, but more often than not it is.

We identify ourselves and others with many things and drop each other into categories. For example, many of my friends would say I am a democrat. This label effectively drives a wedge between me and anyone who does not fall into this category. We spend so much time declaring the differences between ourselves and others. Why? Every minute we spend thinking or talking about our differences, we are losing precious time to simply be who we are.

It is so simple to be ourselves when we stop labeling each other: less stress, less anxiety, less conflict…have I sold you yet?

Try it for a week, every time you find yourself labeling, try not to…sit back and allow life to be, if you truly believe in something, live it.

Here’s to peeling back the labels in 2015!