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Introducing Our Plastic-free Bodycare

What’s better than a long-term dream finally coming true? It has been our vision to take Pangea plastic-free for many years. A two-year journey in the making… now our Plastic-free Bodycare is finally here — and better than we could have imagined.

Plant-based Bioactives
Before we get into the Plastic-free details, we have another surprise: our new Bodycare formulas are packed with the purest, plant-based bioactives on the planet. Amongst our new ingredient line-up, you’ll find ingredients such as:

- Calendula
- Ginger
- Ginseng
- Green Tea
- Nori
- Persimmon
- Reishi Mushroom
- Turmeric

These are just a few of the nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich superstars you’ll find in abundance within our new formulas. We chose them for their ability to deliver holistic nourishment to skin while mitigating the effects of environmental challengers, such as pollution and sun exposure.

In addition, these formulations are scented with amazing new Essential Oil blends, such as Egyptian Geranium & Bergamot, Catalonian Cypress & Juniper, Moroccan Cedar & Sandalwood, and Haitian Vetiver & Mandarin Rind. We’re also relaunching our iconic, best-selling Canadian Pine & White Sage scent in select products.

We know this is a lot of newness, and we promise that everything you love about Pangea has remained intact. Once you try the new formulations, we know you’ll experience them as an upgrade that supports your whole-body sense of vitality and glow.

On all our new Plastic-free packaging, you’ll find a #LifeAfterPlastic symbol. This signifies that the container it’s on is completely free of plastic — even the seals and labels. We have chosen to use glass and aluminum for our Plastic-free packaging, as both can be easily recycled. The world is now producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic each year and, because plastic cannot actually be recycled (only downcycled), more than eight million tons end up in our oceans annually.

Why We Love Aluminum
Aluminum is the most recycled material on earth. An astounding 84% of the aluminum ever produced is still being used today! Whereas plastic can only be downcycled, aluminum can be recycled almost an infinite number of times. In fact, recycling a can takes 95% less energy than producing a new one. And, because it’s so lightweight, using aluminum spares us millions of pounds of carbon emissions annually in shipping. The coating on the inside of our aluminum bottles is BPA-free. This lining creates a barrier between the aluminum and the product so there is no contact.

Why We Love Glass
Aside from being beautiful, glass is sustainable from beginning to end. Made of natural materials (including other recycled glass), it is processed without harmful chemicals and is extremely stable, so there is no concern that it will contaminate its contents or the environment. Like aluminum, glass is infinitely, 100% recyclable.

About the Pumps
Unfortunately, plastic-free pumps and atomizers are not available for us to purchase at this time. We strongly encourage their reuse and only use them when it is the best option for dispensing a particular product. Customers who purchase pumps will not need to keep buying them each time they re-purchase a product that requires a pump. By selling our pumps separately, we are reducing the needless proliferation of single-use plastics.

What Hasn’t Changed
As always, every decision we make and ingredient we choose puts people, planet, and purity first. All of our products are still cruelty-free, plant-based, and vegan. This will never change.

What’s Next
Plastic-free Bodycare will be available late September. Be on the lookout for our Plastic-free Skincare, also newly formulated with plant-based bioactives, launching in early 2022.

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