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It's Our Anniversary!

It’s our one-year plastic-free anniversary. What a year it’s been! The reception our plastic-free packaging and bioactive-rich reformulations have received from both you and beauty editors has confirmed we’re on the right path. 

On this one-year mark, we’re recommitting. Our mission is to lead the way in sustainability for the beauty industry, and we won't ever stop. Moving forward, we will share with you more stories of the regenerative practices that are a part of our products. In the meantime, here is a review of our brand pillars:

Pure, nature-rich and sourced from 54 global regions. Always at active levels and complete transparency in our ingredient labels.

Recyclable, Compostable, Renewable, and 100% ethical because, after all, human care coexists with planet care.

From soil to skin, caring for our extended family of suppliers is integral to our operations in order to provide nourishing self-care rituals for all human types.

Our commitment to creating a Plastic-free brand is forever. Our vision is to keep evolving so that we’re not only “free” of things that harm the planet, we contribute to its health and help it thrive. 

Our ongoing commitment to Human Care is inspired by your support. From the launch of effective, natural formulas contained in plastic-free packaging, to sourcing ingredients grown and produced with the highest ethical standards, none of it means anything without you! Your health and the health of our planet is what inspires us to do what we do every day. Thank you for supporting our mission.