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Keep Skin Healthy in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is a wonderland, but it brings with it some harsh conditions for your skin. Never fear, if we take good care of our skin, we can create and maintain a healthy skin barrier. Your skin’s barrier protects your skin from the environment (like UV rays and pollution), and also helps retain moisture within the skin. Here are the whys and hows of keeping winter skin happy and well protected.

Why is winter hard on your skin?
- Cold temperatures and dry air makes skin dry and flaky. Warm air has a higher capacity for holding moisture. So when it gets cold the air has less moisture. Dryness leads to cracking, itching, and chapped skin and lips.
- Indoor heat further dries us out. Most heating systems don’t add moisture to the air but probably subtract it.
- Going back and forth between indoor and outdoor air exacerbates the impact on skin. Temperature changes between inside and outside cause the capillaries of your skin to contract and expand which leaves you with red skin, broken veins, and inflammation.
- We don’t drink as much water in the winter. Water from the inside helps with dehydration which can cause a lot of skin issues.
- We take longer and hotter showers in the winter.
- We don’t eat the things we need because we are usually on holiday food for a while and that is for pleasure but not always skin health.

What to do about it
- Use a humidifier in the room you spend the most time in. Adding moisture to the air helps your skin and your sinuses so give it a try.
- Use a good moisturizer on your face and body. You want to add some moisture plus key ingredients that can improve the health of the skin barrier. Try our Ultra Rich Nourishing Moisturizer for your face and select from three proprietary essential oil blend Body Lotion scents for your body.
- Put on your moisturizer when your skin is still damp. This helps trap some more moisture in your skin.
Use sunscreen. Don’t add insult to injury by getting a winter sunburn.
- Add fats to your diet. Healthy fats increase the strength of the fatty bonds in your skin cells. So add in coconut oil, avocado, nuts, chia seeds.
- Add hydration through your diet with foods like strawberries, pineapples, green tea, soup, cucumbers, and butternut squash.
- Keep the heat in your house lower and layer more. Less heat means more moisture.
- Use more gentle cleansers on your face and body. We have you covered with our facial Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Cream and choose one of our four sustainably-sourced essential blend scents of Body Wash that are infused with skin-soothing Aloe, to help leave skin hydrated.
- Exfoliate with a gentle exfoliator like our Daily AHA Gentle Exfoliator that polishes and smooths skin without removing moisture.

We are here to support you - follow these simple tips to keep dry, winter skin away.

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