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Kindness Lives in the Small Things

Sometimes it seems as though making change in the world is limited to people with huge influence or lots of power. Or, it feels like there are so many things we need to change that we don’t know where to begin. But both of those ideas are just limiting beliefs that keep us stuck. The reality is that we can change the world from where we are sitting right now, reading this, if we re-adjust our ideas. We can be kinder, more open, more loving, and more just in our own lives, in how we interact with the world around us and the people in it.

The philosopher Hannah Arendt talks about the idea that the bigger the world gets, the more globalized, the more important it is to act with kindness and compassion, to speak out, to live a life that takes others and the planet into consideration.

We can do this in our lives by creating relationships. We can buy our food from people we can actually talk to at farmer’s markets and bakeries. We can use products where relationships are at the center of the business. We can support local artists and fill our lives with the beauty they create. We can drink coffee or a smoothie from a local shop and get to know the people behind the counter. All these acts bring us into deeper contact and change the way our worlds work. And these changes can change the world. If you want to know more about how building relationships changes our planet take a look at this book by activist and food systems expert, Nicole Civita.

At Pangea those relationships are central to our business and always have been. So start with the packaging, which is plastic-free, but also connects you to the people who grow the ingredients you are putting on your skin. The topographical maps on our bottles are a direct connection to the source of the farmers, ingredients, materials, and care provided in every product produced.

For example, if you use just two products - our Superfood Smoothie Mask includes matcha. Our Matcha comes from Wazuka, Japan, a historic tea-making town producing the world's most premium, hand-milled Matcha from family-run farms dedicated to this craft for over 800 years. And, in the same product you will find seaweed harvested by James from Nature Spirit Herbs in the ocean off the Pacific Northwest Coast. Our cranberries come from James Lake Farm in Wisconsin where the marshes date back to 1940, and for the last 16 years farmers John and Nora Stauner have dedicated their lives to growing cranberries organically – choosing to make a difference in the community by creating a product that offers the purest quality to consumers and supports healthy preservation of the land. When you look at the package of the Daily AHA Gentle Exfoliator, you will see the map that takes you right to Wisconsin.

So as you go through your day, eating, washing your face, picking things for your house, making all the choices, see if you can put relationship and kindness into the mix. You may find that your day improves, and that your choices can change the world around you subtly and powerfully.

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