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Little Changes Add Up

There is a theory, called “The 1% Rule,” or the “rule of marginal gains,” that explains: big goals can be reached through small changes. This frees us up from the idea we need to make sweeping changes all at once, which everyone knows is unsustainable. If we strive for a 1% improvement every day, we can do everything we want to for ourselves and for the world in which we live.

The 1% rule applies to our lives - but it applies to how we treat the planet, too. If we want to save and steward our planet, we can do so through a myriad small actions. In other words, it’s not one thing that is going to bring us into a healthy balanced future, but many small manageable things.

So, if we change one product we use, and go #plasticfree, we can begin the process of renewing the earth. If you go vegan one day a week, you are making a difference. If you use a cloth bag instead of taking plastic or paper bags from stores, you are changing the content of landfills.

So what will your 1% be today?
- Switching to a bamboo toothbrush
- Eat leftovers or make something cool out of them like croutons from bread
- Using products that are #plasticfree
- Eating plant-based for a day
- Finding and using a favorite cloth shopping bag
- Buying cool used clothes instead of new ones
- Using products that support organic farmers
- Donating money to an environmental cause
- Supporting companies who donate profits to good causes

We don’t have to do it all at once, just remember that small is beautiful and small changes are changes - and they matter. As we approach life and the beautiful planet we share, help be a force for good one tiny step at a time.

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