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Luxury Skin Care for Change

In college my best friend and I used to sit around and wonder what we would have to give up in order to save the planet. We would look at all our fancy skin and body care products and sigh. We’d be willing, but definitely not happy about it. What did not exist back then was luxury skincare and bodycare that also cares for the planet and the people and animals on it. I would say to my 20 year-old self, just wait - it’s going to be way better than you think - most companies won’t get on board with #plasticfree and #crueltyfree let alone sourcing their ingredients to support farmers, but at least one will.

Right now, because of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, we are seeing the dangers of plastics and all the harmful chemicals involved in most products. We are living with a terrible illustration of how dangerous plastics are for us through their entire life cycle. According to Bloomberg News, “This tragedy reminds us we have to pay attention not to just what happens to plastic when you are done with it, but the whole life cycle of using massive amounts of toxic chemicals that have to be transported all over the world to make plastic products.” This is according to Judith Enck, a former administrator at the US Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama administration and now an advocate against plastic pollution.

The spill impacted both the air and the water for miles around, as ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate, isobutylene, butyl acrylate, and vinyl chloride was released into the air. Residents, even tens of miles away, could smell odors coming from the crash site. And while the EPA tested air quality, that is not the only way these chemicals can impact the environment. Public health experts point out that our soft objects - rugs, couches, bedding, absorb the contaminants and we come into very close contact with them.

The waterways are also sites for contamination and about 3,500 fish have died according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The primary toxic chemical identified in the water is butyl acrylate, which is used to make polymers and resins, including those found in plastics and paint. The next issue is that when it rains or snows, more contaminants will run into the water and the land as they are washed away from the site. This disaster is not going to end soon for the land and the people near it.

My college self would have to give up all the plastics and that would mean basically every product on my shelf. Now, though, we can change the way we shop and change the industry one bottle at a time. We can buy #plasticfree for our skin and bodycare, home goods, and shopping bags. We can support organizations like Beyond Plastics, and we can commit ourselves to companies who take the #plasticfree initiative seriously like we do at Pangea.

We may not be the people who make the laws or enforce them, but we can be the people who make the change. We have the power to change the system and save our planet and the beings on it, one bottle at a time. We can live #LifeAfterPlastic, support sustainable business, and still have all the luxury Pangea creates. So take some time to change over all your products to #plasticfree (which means anything on our website except the reusable pumps). It may seem like a small gesture, but it’s small gestures that start a revolution.

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