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Manage Travel Stress

Travel opens our eyes to new places and ideas, it brings us close to loved ones, it takes us out of our comfort zone, and it brings us a whole world. And, even with all the benefits, travel can be really stressful, especially this time of year. Car, plane, train, bike, hike, sail - there are tips and tricks to bring down the cortisol levels and make travel more pleasant. So for the holidays, here are our tips to make travel sustainable for the body and soul.

1. Check in with yourself before you go. Travel can disrupt your usual schedule and brings with it some late nights or early mornings, a lot of transitions, and challenges. So check in with yourself and see what you need to feel you have some control over the situation. Do you need to pack food? Leave early so you don’t stress more? Get more sleep on the road? Stay hydrated? Have someone to call or text when you just need to vent? Once you know - set those tasks up so you can be more resourced.

2. Make a packing list. You can do it in notes on your phone, on paper, or in a journal that you use just for travel (we will get to that in a bit). Make that list so you don’t have to keep wondering what you forgot. If you travel a lot, you can have your basic list and then add to it for the different destinations and activities you will encounter. This frees your brain up rather than dwell on what needs to be packed.

3. Keep a travel journal. It’s fun to look back on, you always wish you could remember the name of that place on that side street or the funny thing your grandma said, so curate it all. You can use something as cool as the Traveler’s Notebook, or a basic composition book. Keep your tickets, receipts, print out pics from your phone, write down your lists, and even keep a gratitude list in there. Those gratitude lists are very powerful when you’re in the limbo of family time or travel time.

4. Prep snacks. You will be beloved to your travel companions, your body, and your moods. Bring some protein, some hydration, and a treat. Everyone feels better when they are not hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. If you have food, someone to call, are prepared for the vagaries of travel, and plan for some sleep you can make any trip more relaxing.

5. Bring nice treats for the plane. Good books, a great game, podcasts, and products that will make you feel refreshed. You can bring some toner to freshen up during the flight or before you get off the plane. Pour onto a cotton pad and swipe across face, neck, and décolletage, then apply moisturizer. A lot of the physical stuff we associate with travel comes from dehydration and that includes your skin. Plan a nice hand massage with sweet scented hand cream for mid-flight and maybe you can get a nap in there too.

We hope you make the most of your trip, stress less, and enjoy all your holiday travel has to offer!

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