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The Origins of a Legend

Rebooting a Cult Favorite
Longtime Pangea customers have been devoted to using our former Matcha & Goji Berry Facial Mask for its ability to smooth and even their complexions and reveal an unmistakable glow every time it’s used. We are launching our reboot on this cult fave. We’re calling version 2.0 the Superfood Smoothie Mask. Fans of the OG will love this one even more, as we’ve kept everything great and added a few new bioactives that synergize with the existing ingredients to help it perform even better.

Origin Story
Like so many great things (and people, for that matter), our Mask was born because of a happy accident. Over 20 years ago, our founder was making breakfast when something magical happened. Inspired by the nutrient-dense superfood ingredients of his morning smoothie (Matcha, Goji Berries, Acai), he had the idea to apply it to his face. He left it on for 40 minutes, rinsed it off and went about his day.

The Dinner Party That Changed Everything
That night he hosted a dinner party, and all the guests commented about how great his skin looked. Once the meal was over and people were relaxing, he had the idea to see if it really was the smoothie that worked so well on his skin. He whipped up a batch, adding French clay and essential oils.

People applied the mask to one another’s faces, waited a half hour, rinsed it off and voila! The undeniable glow they all achieved was not just from the great food and conversation. History was made, and so was Pangea’s amazing new mask.

The rest, as they say, is history.


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