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Meet the Bioactives: Maple Leaf Extract

Fiery fall color and maple syrup are usually what we associate with the words "maple leaf." But did you know maple leaves also have history in traditional medicine and culinary use (deep fried maple leaves, anyone?).

In traditional medicine, maple tree bark has been made into a preparation for eye soreness and infection. The leaves have been used as a tonic and mild sedative for nervous conditions. They have also been used as a tea to help to detoxify the body, particularly the liver and spleen.

For us, Maple Leaf Extract is a powerful anti-aging ingredient which research indicates helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

How Does Maple Leaf Extract Work for Skin?
In short, researchers discovered that there are compounds in Maple Leaf Extract that can inhibit the breakdown of elastin by delivering powerful antioxidants and potent polyphenols.

This is important because elastin helps skin to rebound from damage due to environmental and lifestyle stressors.

Is Maple Leaf Extract Sustainable?
As in all our bioactives, Maple Leaf Extract is a sustainable and renewable skincare ingredient. Farmers who currently only collect the tree sap for syrup are now able to harvest the leaf extract as an additional source of income. Truly a win for Human Care.

You’ll find Maple Leaf Extract featured in our Daily AHA Gentle Exfoliator. This dual-action physical and chemical exfoliant polishes and smooths skin, cleans clogged pores, and reveals visibly brighter, smoother skin, and a healthier-looking glow. To learn more about our lineup of bioactive ingredients, please visit our library.  

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