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Meeting the Highest Standards

- "I started Pangea in my garage with a dream to bring plant-based formulas with powerful, nature-rich bioactives, to a collection of the highest quality skincare and body products.”

- Joshua Onysko, Founder + CEO of Pangea

Twenty years ago, being at the forefront of sustainability for us meant investing in 100% organic ingredients. Next, it meant taking our brands plastic-free. Today, it means we are committed to supporting regeneration in our ingredient sourcing.

Our partners (goop, for example) know that we meet the highest standards for efficacy, sustainability, and safety. We do this for the health of your body and the planet’s. Here’s what you should know:

- Pangea's all-new Skin and Bodycare collections harness the highest concentration of nature-rich ingredients combined with clinically-proven active ingredients for the most effective products, from soil to skin.

- We partner with farmers and distillers around the world who have dedicated their lives to creating the most nutrient-dense ingredients the earth has to offer.

- Our packaging is now 100% plastic-free, from tube to cap.

- Our products do what we say the'll do because we always strive for the gold standard of efficacy in our formulas. The majority of our formulas contain active ingredients between 1%-5% levels, when industry standards are typically at 0.1% levels. The only exceptions we make on levels less than 1% are to ensure consumer safety and no adverse reactions in the formulas.

- Our plans are to ensure that we support regenerative farming (learn more about this here) as much as possible when sourcing our ingredients.

This is our commitment to you, the planet, and ourselves. Just like our water, our air, and our food, we like our #BeautyUnpolluted. 

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