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Mother's Day

Today we’re celebrating the vast spectrum of motherhood. From bonus mothers to exhausted mothers, furbaby mothers to dearly departed mothers, mothers-yet-to-be, to grumpy mothers, dads-who-are-also-mothers to chosen mothers, and all the other many types of mothers, we honor you.

The Origins of Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day originated with a strong woman honoring her own mother. Ann Jarvis was a Civil War medic and peace activist whose dream was to create a national holiday that honored mothers everywhere. Throughout her life in West Virginia, she held what she called “Mothers' Day Work Clubs,” where local mothers would gather and teach seminars on how to raise healthy children. When she passed away, her daughter, Anna Jarvis, desired to celebrate her mother's life in a meaningful way. On May 10, 1908, Anna held a service in Philadelphia (where she lived). This was the first Mother's Day celebration (although it didn't come to be a national holiday until eight years later).

Over the years, Anna raised awareness for the idea of creating a special day that would honor moms everywhere. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson declared Mother's Day a national holiday. (Note that later in her life, Anna fought to have Mother's Day removed as a national holiday because she thought the day had become too commercialized.)

In the true spirit of celebrating mothers, here are some ideas for honoring the women who give their all to benefitting the lives of others while also honoring Mother Earth.

Cook Her a Vegetarian Brunch – Nourish her with a meal that has a small carbon footprint but is big on flavor and nutrition. Visit the Saturday Farmer’s Market and pick up some seasonal, local produce and work your kitchen magic. Set a table outside and take time enjoying your time together.  

Donate to Her Favorite Cause – Doe she love animals and the outdoors? Is she concerned about the climate change? Is there a political cause she’s passionate about? Instead of a physical gift, donate to a non-profit that supports what’s closest to her heart.

Find a View – Go for a hike or drive up to a beautiful view spot. Take in the sights and share your appreciation for every blessing she has brought to your life.

Gift Her Plastic-free Skincare – Every mother loves great skincare. Elevate hers with a collection that is free from single-use plastics. To make sure she receives products that are just right for her skin, direct her to our Skincare Routine Finder.

Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you spend it with the mothers you love doing something you love.

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