My 20 Year Commitment

- By: Aimee Regur

This Monday 20 years ago I made a commitment to myself. I was on a journey and taking inventory of my life and how my actions affected my state of being as well as the world around me. I wanted to make better decisions that I believed would make a more positive impact on myself and my environment. I committed myself to a plant based diet and to never raise my voice in anger again. These two actions are not by themselves in any way independently viewed by myself as the “right” way of living. These two actions were simply symbolic of a changing point in my life. 2o years later, I truly believe that there is no right and no wrong, there is simply what we do and what we don’t do.

Everybody has their own truth and our culture will flourish when we have more acceptance for ourselves and others. We all seek to live consciously, forging forward on a path to eventually be liberated from the suffering that seems to be the underlying current of all existence, but we have a choice in every moment on how we live, act, and move through this space. When we are busy moving throughout our life and burying ourselves in what seems like the mundane tasks that make up our day and drain the minutes from our hourglass, there is always an opportunity to stop, breathe, take inventory, feel gratitude, and begin again. This is how we can “clean house” and how we prepare for the next moment, the next adventure, the next journey. 

Who we are and what purpose we serve is our choice. I believe deep down that everybody knows the answer to these two questions, but sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to hear the answer.

Everything that is done in fear and not drenched in love is simply counterproductive to what we are all seeking. Love more, fear less.

Enjoy the ride.