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International Friendship Month

A good friend is the difference between having fun and having the time of your life. They’re the ones who love you, regardless of your politics, job status, relationship status, jean size, and how quickly you return phone calls. They leave soup on your doorstep when you’re sick and bring over the bubbly when you’re celebrating. Here are a few ideas for letting them know just how much they mean to you. 

Take Them on a Weekend Getaway
Who says weekend getaways are for lovers only? Tell your bestie to pack their bags, water their plants, and compost any leftovers that are on the verge because you’re hitting the open road. Where you go is obviously a matter of preference. Wine tasting? Spa weekend? Camping trip? Meditation retreat?  The possibilities are endless, and sure to be memorable.

Look After their Kid/Dog/Goldfish for a Few Hours
Who amongst us couldn’t use a break once in awhile?  Offer to look after your buddy’s charge (whomever that might be) so they can unplug and enjoy an hour or two of well-deserved self-care.

Cook Them Dinner
Ever notice how food tastes better when someone prepares it for you? Invite your platonic soulmate for dinner (or bring groceries to their house) and treat them to a home-cooked feast. Set the table with real napkins, light some candles, and enjoy it together.

Treat Them to the Best
Our Plastic-free Bundles make awesome gifts for your dear ones and encourage daily self-nurturing with products that smell amazing and are loaded with organic-rich bioactives that bestow a healthy, beautiful glow. They also look beautiful sitting on bathroom and kitchen counters, and your friend will have a sweet reminder of you each time they see them. 

Happy International Friendship Month!  May you be surrounded by the ones you love and celebrate each other well.

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