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Our Plastic-free Commitments

Get excited because this month you'll see a major upgrade in the sustainability of our Skincare. 

In keeping with our commitment to the health of our customers and planet, and our cruelty-free ethos, we've got a surprise.

Last year we launched our beautiful new, Plastic-free Bodycare, which has been met by much love from you all (thank you!). We published a post about the non-negotiables we feel must be present for a product to be considered “clean” — including cruelty-free beauty and our alliance with Leaping Bunny. In truth, we don’t feel we (or anyone) can call a product FULLY cruelty-free unless it’s also plastic-free (here’s why).

With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce that this March we’re launching our Plastic-free Skincare! (Watch our emails for launch timing.) Just like our Bodycare, you will see improved formulations and some entirely new products altogether. The nature-rich bioactive ingredients we’re including are sustainably-sourced and truly game-changing, the formulations are luxurious and a pleasure to use. We could not be happier.

Our vision of a #LifeAfterPlastic extends beyond our brands; it is the vision we hold for the entire planet. It is our intention to lead by example and support the plastic-free movement in as many ways as we can.

As ever, we could not do this without you. Thank you for being part of the Pangea family. 

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