Roman Chamomile

- By: Sarah Wu

Roman Chamomile, Anthemis nobilis, in the large Asteraceae, or sunflower and daisy family, is a relative of the widely known and used tea Matricaria chamomilla. Roman Chamomile yields a rich golden essential oil and is anti-allergenic, relaxing, cooling, anti-spasmodic, and immune-stimulating.

Chamomile has been in European Materia Medica since prior to the Roman Imperial conquest and was extensively used in home practice, by herbalists, and in the battlefield. As an herbal tea, it stimulates digestion and relaxes tension throughout the entire body. It is commonly used in homeopathy for whining, angry, irritable children and adults who express their anger with great sighs. When someone is irritable, uncomfortable in their body, angers easily, has aversions to touch and suggestion, chamomile is indicated. It is used quite often for babies who are irritable due to colic and teething. Soak a clean cloth in chamomile tea and let baby chew on the cloth. Mother can also ingest Chamomile tea as the volatile oils will be transported safely through the breast milk for very young babies (Before using any essential oil, pregnant or nursing women and young children should consult with their doctor).

Commonly known as a mild sedative, people who Chamomile works for can find relief with homeopathic drops if they are very sensitive or diffuse the essential oil in the bedroom. Taking teas for sleeplessness are typically ineffective because the person’s sleep is disrupted by having to urinate during the night.

Chamomile is one of my favorite remedies for menstrual cramps. I use 2 Chamomile tea bags in a regular sized mug, steeping it hot water, covered for 10 - 15 minutes. Keeping the cup covered allows any and all evaporated volatile oils to condense and drip back into the tea. Dilute the essential oil in Jojoba as a massage oil over the uterus. To ease cramping, blend with Pangea Black Pepper 100% organic Essential Oil. The antispasmodic action is useful for gaseous, upset stomachs, also known as colic. As a tea, Chamomile is wonderful for itchy, red eyes caused by allergies or Conjunctivitis. Soak the tea bag in water like making a tea, let it cool to body temperature and rinse the eye with the Chamomile tea.

In permaculture, many plants are used to protect and enhance soil. Anthemis roots are diffuse, meaning they spread out, breaking up compacted soils while also preventing erosion. Chamomile is used in Biodynamic preparations to help compost break down, efficiently use nutrients, and promote a stable and balanced ratio of nitrogen. Chamomile flowers are rich in calcium and sulfur. Calcium is another component that gives Chamomile it’s calming effect, while the sulfur produces its rich aroma. Anthemis is a beautiful ground cover. Plant this in your garden and take a relaxing rest on your bed of Chamomile!

Psycho-spiritually, Chamomile is excellent for balancing emotional upheaval and is represented on the Ace of Swords in the Healing Spirit of Herbs Tarot. Chamomile symbolizes expansion of thoughts, enlightenment, and illumination, the opposite of illusion. I often say that people forget about Chamomile because it has become mundane, not exotic or “new”. It probably happens to be in your tea cabinet right now. It is one of those gentle, yet very powerful plants. Reflecting on that action, we can say that it is the gentle force, the little things that can create great effect, the little moments that change our perspective or inspire ideas. Chamomile is also about contentment and being present right where you are, knowing that it is exactly where you are supposed to be, taking a breath and recognizing the joy in the simple things.

Before Bed Bath Blend

What’s more luxurious than a hot bath before bed? A hot bath infused with a blend of our 100% organic Essential Oils guaranteed to send you off to the sweetest sleep, that’s what. Give this a try and get ready to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed:

Blend oils with a couple of spoonfuls of organic honey or organic Jojoba Oil and add to warm bathwater. Soak for 20 minutes and follow with Pangea’s skin soothing Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Body Oil before jumping under the covers.