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Self-Care is Love

Welcome to the month where everything is love: chocolates are love, roses are love, jewelry is love, dinners at fancy restaurants are love, cards picked out while in line at the post office are love, really just about anything with a pink or red heart on it becomes a sign of love. Ok, that’s great - more love is always better. And, if those things really help us feel the joy and tenderness towards ourselves, the people in our lives, and the world around us, then by all means please spread the love that way. However, amidst all these neon signs flashing “LOVE” we may feel a little overwhelmed.

There is a much more quiet form of love, the tenderness we show ourselves as we go about our day, that fortifies us for loving and being compassionate as we encounter people and the world. Self-love, like Valentine’s Day, also has good PR. We hear so much about self-care that often it sounds as cheesy as, well, candy hearts.

But, it’s not cheesy at all. Self-care can show up in really NOT cheesy ways. Setting healthy boundaries is self-care. Reading a book you love is self-care. Building strong community is self- care. Making sure if you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired you stop and address it is self-care. Doing your daily routine with tenderness and intention is self-care. Having a daily routine is self- care. We don’t have to go out and do anything extraordinary to care for ourselves, in fact, the smaller and more intimate the action, the more tender and connected we feel. That tenderness and connection allow us to fill our buckets, to have enough love to share.

Let’s say you don’t have any daily routines right now (this is real for many of us due to kids, parents, work, pets, life) start small. Find a skincare routine with our Skincare Routine Finder. What it is matters less than that you have one - so go minimal if you want and just cleanse, moisturize, and dab a little something on your eyes. Intention and motives are everything here. A good friend looks herself in the eye through the mirror and says, “Hello love,” as she puts moisturizer on her face. Another friend says she thinks about how we pat babies bottoms and protect them as she puts on eye cream. The motivation to treat yourself like a beloved pet, a sweet loving Auntie, or even a child, turns the most simple routine into self-care.

February may be “love month” but when our buckets are full, and we pay special attention to ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually, every month is “love month.” Small acts of care become bigger, more difficult ones like asking for what we need or setting boundaries. And once we can care for ourselves through that - the world is a big candy heart.

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