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There is a cafe and analog shop in Vienna called Supersense. It sits on a side street looking like any other cafe, but, when you open the door, you know right away you are in a magical place. There are gorgeous letterpress prints, amazing coffee, analogue recordings, and old school art. In the back, they have a room where you create a scent memory. It is not a library of familiar scents, like perfume might be. It’s a place where you can buy scents you have never encountered before. Supersense wants you to buy scent so that you can open the tiny carafe when you are having an experience you would like to be able to bring back - the smell becomes attached to the memory and whenever you smell it, you can go right back to the feeling.

Scent does that, it brings us into our emotion and memory centers of the brain directly. So, we can use scents we love to make memories and have emotional responses if we want to, without traveling to Vienna, even if the coffee is amazing. We feel like at Pangea, we have cracked that code. Our scents come attached to pleasure - and you can use them to feed your skin as well as to make new memories.

When you wash your hands with Canadian Pine & White Sage Hand Soap you have a moment of forest bathing including all the calm and gratitude that goes with a majestic pine forest.

If you like the feeling of warmth and the desert in spring, you can go there by opening our Egyptian Geranium & Bergamot Body Lotion. You will hydrate your skin while taking a trip in your mind to a place you may never have been.

Moroccan Cedar & Sandalwood Body Wash brings with it a feeling of joy, the experience of silks moving as you walk, and a deep note of quiet. In the shower it can evoke feelings of pampering and luxury.

If you want to take a trip to feeling lovely, you can visit Pangea and Shop by Scent. Let your nose and your imagination take you to places you want to go, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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