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Sustainable from Head to Toe

Glowing, healthy-looking skin should never be at the expense of our environment. Cultivate a #LifeAfterPlastic and indulge in the world’s purest, most effective Skin and Bodycare on the market. Our Super Antioxidant Glow Oil + Body Oil offer your skin high-vibe nutrition and long-term benefits, making them the perfect #SustainableSelfCareSunday ritual.

Our Super Antioxidant Glow Oil is packed with a powerful blend of six plant-based active oils and antioxidants for rich hydration, brightening, and an instantly youthful-looking glow. Here is a peek at some of the bioactives and what they will do for you:

Bakuchiol – This natural retinol-alternative has restorative properties that brighten, improve tone and texture, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Squalene – Our plant-based squalene is highly emollient, helping skin replace moisture. It also encourages collagen production.

Rosehip Seed Oil - Along the Andes mountains in Chile, our organic Rosehip Seed Oil is hand-harvested from wild rose bushes and cold-pressed to produce an oil rich in EFAs and antioxidants.

Tamanu Oil - This rare and precious oil is produced in small batches. It helps tame inflammation and soothe skin.

Our multi-tasking Body Oil comes in two exotic scents and is perfect for daily use after bathing. You can also use it as a luxurious bath oil (a few pumps in a warm bath with Epsom salts = perfection). It also makes a great massage oil, thanks to its superior glide and relaxing scent. Created with a signature hydrating blend of five organic oils, it leaves skin deeply nourished, smooth, and with a naturally healthy-looking glow. Here’s a deeper look into the five oils and what they do for your skin:

Coconut Oil – Beautifully hydrates and smooths skin.

Sunflower Oil –
Helps replenish, strengthen, and soothe skin

Olive Oil  — Ultra rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Jojoba Oil —  Fatty acids saturate skin with rich hydration and soothing moisture.

Sesame Seed Oil —  Vitamin E-rich for help with deep repair, this powerful antioxidant also locks in moisture.

Now that Spring is here and the warm weather clothes are coming out of storage, it’s the perfect time to cultivate hydrated and glowing skin. With these two sustainable gems, you can't go wrong. Happy #SustainableSelfCareSunday everyone!

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