The Pangea Winter Skincare Ritual

- By: Safia Ohlson

Trees are such great teachers. You know how in autumn their leaves turn brown and drop to the ground so that they can reserve their internal resources for spring growth? Well, guess what? Your skin does something quite similar!

Over the summer we hike, swim, bike, and otherwise enjoy the longer days and warm weather. Our skin darkens in the sun, and by the end of the season, it has definitely lost some of its inherent moisture. Just like the leaves on a tree, dry layers of our skin are ready to slough off and make way for fresh under-layers to emerge.  (Nature is amazing in its forever willingness to regenerate itself!)

When leaves fall, trees receive nourishment from their composting into the damp earth. Nutrients from the composted leaves seep into the soil and feed the tree’s roots. This helps the tree to rehydrate. But where does our skin get nourishment when it goes through a similar seasonal transition?

Eating seasonally helps, of course. Warm soups, winter greens, and roasted root vegetables nourish our bodies well in the colder months.  Yoga and meditation are also helpful for cultivating and steadying our energy in the winter.

Winterizing your Skin and Bodycare Ritual is also a great way to ensure that your skin thrives year-round. This includes a Facial Scrub and Body Polish that removes expired skin cells, a Facial Mask that hydrates, tones, and nourishes newly revealed skin, and Facial Cream and Balancing Oil, rich in organic, plant-based fatty acids that drench skin with moisture and important nutrition.

This Pangea Ritual for Winterizing your skin is simple, and feels amazing: 

  • - Twice a day, wash face with the Facial Cleanser that best suits your Skin Type
  • - Follow with our Egyptian Geranium, Adzuki Bean, & Cranberry Facial Scrub. Use gentle, upward circles, spending extra time around the nose and any areas on your face that may be presenting flaky, dry skin
  • - After Facial Scrub, use the Facial Toner that best suits your Skin Type.  This will complete the cleansing process, help to reduce the appearance of pores, and deeply nourish skin
  • - Once or twice a week apply our award-winning Japanese Matcha Tea, Acai, & Goji Berry Facial Mask after Facial Scrub and before Facial Toner. If you’ve never used our Mask before, hold onto your socks, because they might get blown off. This treatment will almost instantly correct imbalances, reduce the appearance of blemishes, even skin tone, and hydrate. It’s truly magical
  • - After washing off Mask with our Facial Cleanser, use a cotton round dampened with Facial Toner to complete the cleansing process and get your skin ready for Balancing Oil and Facial Cream
  • - Apply Balancing Oil. This delightful elixir deftly helps reverse sun damage and deeply hydrates with a wealth of precious, skin-loving Oils and botanicals
  • - Follow with the Facial Cream that best suits your Skin Type.  (If your Skin is Oily & Blemish-prone, skip the step above and simply mix a couple of drops of Balancing Oil with your Facial Cream. This will provide light and effective hydration that includes the important nutrients Balancing Oil provides)
  • - To keep the skin on your body soft and nourished through winter, use our Brazilian Brown Sugar & Cocoa Butter Body Polish several times per week on entire body, except for your face

Follow Body Polish with Pangea Body Oil or one of our newly formulated Body Lotions. Use these daily after bathing.