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Tips on Hand Care from a Former Hand Model

I recently spent time with a friend who was a former hand model in Los Angeles. You have seen her hands in a lot of commercials for cleaning products. She told me some hilarious stories about how hard it is to clean coffee grounds off a counter in one swipe while making sure your hands look graceful and you don’t make a mess. Lots of takes and lots of outfit changes because coffee grounds fly everywhere, apparently. I have never been so aware of my hands in my entire life.

I paid close attention to how she treated her hands and finally I asked her, “What did you do back then and what do you do now to keep your hands looking so good?” She told me she wore gloves everywhere when she was modeling, and layered on the moisturizer under the gloves. Not so useful in my everyday life, or hers now that she is a hand civilian. However, she did tell me a few things that I am putting into use. Once you know, it’s hard not to do it, it’s all so simple.

First off, wash your hands with something gentle and good for your skin. You can use our Hand Soap in your bathrooms and kitchen at home. And, to be honest, you can carry some with you in your bag when you go out. Nothing is worse than the fake perfume scent of airport bathroom hand soap. It leaves your hands moisturized and smelling like something real.

Second, carry lotion. Especially if you use hand sanitizer, and are drying out your hands, moisturize. Seems obvious but when you moisturize your face, it can be a cue to get out the Hand Cream and do your hands, too.

We get a lot of sun on our hands and don’t think about it. But using sunscreen on your hands will both prevent them from looking like baseball gloves, and can also help to prevent all the issues that come with sun exposure anywhere on your body. You are using your hands to put on the sunscreen, so take a minute to rub it on on the backs of your hands.

If you want to go the extra mile, you really can give your hands a spa night regularly. Soak them in warm water for a bit - or take a nice warm bath. Then, slather your hands with Hand Cream, put on a pair of cotton gloves, and go to sleep. When you wake up you will not believe how good your hands feel and look.

Unless you are a hand modeling professional, in which case my hat is off to you, I have no idea how you conduct your daily life without using your hands, this process will do wonders. Your hands will look younger, feel better, and be protected from sun damage and potential issues. These steps are such small ones, but they make a huge difference.

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