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To Go Fragrance Free, Or Not?

We’re enthralled with the Skincare vlogger, Hyram, who is self-described as “the two pimples on your face that stayed for two weeks and now left dark spots that won’t go away.” 

Only, we have to disagree: he’s far more endearing than that.

This Youtube/TikTok star has some 3.75M followers, talks Gilmore-Girls-on-four-cups-of-coffee fast, and is really into helping his followers perfect their Skincare routine.  He’s impressively well-informed and has a distinct point of view. Mostly we’re into all the information he shares; yet, his perspectives about fragrances in Skincare inspired us to weigh in on the fragrance-free Skincare movement within the influencer community.

Honolulu-based Hyram has a passionate “No” for fragrances of any kind in his Skincare. His opinion is that all fragrances are the same, whether they’re synthetic or natural. As well, he feels fragrance never adds any benefit to Skincare products.

We get it: synthetic fragrances disrupt hormones, cause breakouts, are potentially carcinogenic, and prematurely age skin. Also, poor quality Essential Oil-based fragrances can be really toxic, particularly if the plants are grown with pesticides or the dilution contains a lot of alcohol.

However, not all Essential Oils are created equally. Moreover, not all Skincare lines use Essential Oils strictly for their fragrance. Some Essential Oils offer highly desired benefits to skin when used correctly and in the proper amounts. Pangea’s Skincare definitely falls into this category. Our use of pure, organic, undiluted Essential Oils is sparing, and for therapeutic purposes only; their aromatherapeutic effects are simply a secondary benefit.

Plants contain vast wisdom, and many of them work with the human body to help it adapt to and thrive under Earth’s ever-changing conditions. To dismiss the benefits of Essential Oils in your Skincare Ritual by thinking that their only quality is aromatherapy is to potentially cheat yourself out of some of the most potent anti-aging technology in the world.

Here are some the Essential Oils we work with and why we use them:

- Our anti-aging Balancing Oil Serum formula contains a beneficial amount of Helichrysum Essential Oil, also known as Immortelle. This wonder-Oil has been revered for millennia for its ability to bestow radiance and illumination to the skin. Helichrysum supports the skin’s natural collagen count, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It also cools inflammation, helps heal and regenerate skin wounds, and helps reduce bruising and swelling. In addition, Helichrysum is thought to support the respiratory, immune, and neurological systems

- The formula for our customer-favorite Pangea Eye Cream contains a scientifically recommended amount of Rose Otto Essential Oil. This precious Essential Oil helps plump and restore dry, aging, and sun-damaged skin by imbuing it with a full array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish and soften. Rose Otto’s astringent and anti-inflammatory properties also make it a strong ally for blemish-prone complexions

- The exfoliating, anti-aging benefits of our Geranium, Adzuki Bean, & Cranberry Facial Scrub would not be the same without Geranium Essential Oil. While this soothing Oil is known to promote feelings of happiness and peace, balance hormones, and soothe the nervous system, it is also a Skincare superstar. Geranium Oil helps stabilize all Skin Types. Its anti-microbial properties help save Oily and Blemish-prone from breakouts, and it helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles because its astringent properties tighten facial skin

- We use Lavender Essential Oil in many of our formulas. High quality, organic Lavender is one of the few Essential Oils that is safe to put directly on the skin, and can be used on both children and pregnant women.* Lavender does more than just impart aromatherapy benefits, such as stress reduction and relaxation; it helps heal breakouts and scars, reduces inflammation, and helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles. This versatile Oil is should always be kept on hand in your at-home apothecary for self-care rituals and Skincare emergencies. *Always consult your doctor, especially when pregnant

We are just scratching the surface as to why and how high-quality Essential Oils make amazing Skincare ingredients. As you can see, their scent is only one dimension of what they have to offer — when you use products that skillfully harness the intelligence of plants, you are opening the door to an uplifting relationship with nature itself, no synthetics required.

Clearly if you have allergies or are scent-sensitive, a fragrance-free option is most appropriate. Yet, with all due respect to the genius of Hyram, if you are not in this category, we say don’t be afraid of high-quality, intentionally targeted Essential Oils in your Skincare products!

And, if you happen to have a pimple that stayed for two weeks and left a dark spot that won’t go away, we suggest putting some Lavender Oil on it. (Call us, Hyram. We would love to talk!)

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