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What Is Your Body Asking For?

Summer is a great time to tune in with your body and really give it what it needs, when it needs it. Movement, rest, hydration, exfoliation, and skincare are the big five when it comes to looking and feeling your best, particularly mid-summer when we're constantly playing outside. Here are five easy ways to give your body what it requires to feel amazing.

1. Be a Mover & Shaker
Ever notice how dogs regularly shake off their bodies? They do this when they return home from a walk, when waking up from a nap, after being petted, and when greeting another dog. Shaking off is a reset for their nervous systems and a way to release tension and negative energy. Shaking offers the same stress-reducing benefits for humans! One simple way to try it out is to pretend you’re a dog shaking off after a bath. Do this for a few moments and notice how you feel afterward. If you want to get more formalized about it, try a qigong exercise called Trembling Horse. This video offers a short and efficient description of the practice. 

2. Soundbath Rest
If you’ve taken a Kundalini yoga class with a gong meditation at the end, then you know that sometimes the most restorative rest comes not from sleep, but from sound. These days, we love working with Solfeggio frequencies. These are sounds that help promote different benefits to body and mind. They also help us enter in to deep states of relaxation, receptivity, and rest. Here is one of our favorite Solfeggio artists. We recommend lying down somewhere quiet for 20 minutes and listening to Solfeggio sounds when you feel as if you need more rest.

3. Hydrate & Mineralize
We’ve been rocking variations of this Hibiscus Rose Tea Recipe. It’s delicious, hydrating, mineralizing, and a real crowd pleaser. Feel free to make substitutions and adjust amounts as desired. Use only ingredients you know are organic or have not been exposed to pesticides.

Start with:
Handful of loose hibiscus flower tea
Handful of organic rose petals (dried or fresh)
Handful of loose dried raspberry leaf tea
Several organic leaves of rose geranium

Place herbs in a half-gallon, heat-resistant glass jar. Pour hot water (not boiling) over the blend. Cover and steep overnight.

The next day add:
Several sprigs of lemon balm and mint
Small handful of rose geranium flower petals
Sliced oranges
Maple syrup to taste

Allow blend to steep in the sun for a few hours so the flavors meld. Then strain, chill (or serve over ice) with a wedge of orange.

4. Exfoliation
Exfoliating is one of the best ways to maintain glowing, beautiful Summer skin. We recommend using our Facial Scrub daily and our Body Polish several times a week. Both are loaded with skin-nurturing EFAs, aromatherapeutic Essential Oil blends, and the world’s best exfoliating agents for both body and face.

5. Skin Maintenance
Keeping your skin hydrated and nourished is one of the easiest ways to feel great all over. Using a high-quality, all natural Facial Oil, Facial CreamLip Balm, and Body Lotion, every day is like putting gold into the piggy bank of your skin’s radiance fund. Join our Rewards Program and you'll get points each time you purchase Pangea Skin and Bodycare that will go toward future purchases. What a great way to set yours skin up for long-term beauty. 

image credit: Manuel Brian Innerbichler

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