What Makes Our Matcha Mask So Magical?

- By: Joshua Onysko

Our Japanese Matcha Tea, Acai, & Goji Berry Facial Mask has mojo. With dozens of five star reviews and several Beauty Editor awards under its belt, it’s more than just good— it’s magical.

While each of our Skincare products excels at helping you achieve and maintain balanced, radiant, youthful-looking skin, it is our Matcha Mask that will have people stopping you on the street just to say, “You’re glowing!” (This actually happens.)

The best part is that the results are instant. Mask in the morning, soak up the complexion praise the rest of the day.

What makes our Mask so amazing? Here are six factors:

1. Aloe - Known by Ancient Egyptians as the “plant of immortality,” this miraculous succulent offers profound hydration and life, even in the driest climates. Boasting properties that are anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, Aloe contains over 75 nutrients known to help lessen the visibility of wrinkles, and offer plentiful, skin-plumping, non-greasy moisture.

2. Matcha Tea - Chlorophyll-rich Matcha helps clear the complexion and even out skin tone thanks to its immense detoxifying abilities. Matcha protects against environmental impurities and chemicals that can clog pores, making it a great remedy for all skin types, and it contains 10 to 15 times the overall nutrients and antioxidants of any other type of tea (and many fruits and vegetables). The polyphenols in Matcha’s nutrients have demonstrated far greater antioxidant protection than even Vitamins C + E can offer. The natural inclusion of caffeine in Matcha offers potent anti-inflammatory benefits and has been shown to assist with oxidative damage, improve microcirculation, energize, brighten, and nourish.

3. Acai - Famously rich in antioxidants, the beloved Acai Berry is loaded with anti-aging vitamins such as A, B, C, + E.  It helps repair damaged skin cells, restore lost moisture, and revive dull, lifeless complexions. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a strong ally for treating blemish-prone skin without causing irritation.

4. Goji Berries - The unique polysaccharides that are a major constituent of Goji Berries have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging components. A wealth of antioxidants help reduce inflammation and mitigate sun damage. As well, these powerful red berries help protect cells that create the body’s connective tissue. Goji Berries are adaptogens, meaning they invigorate and strengthen the body while helping it deal with stress. Goji is ideal for blemish-prone, depleted, dull, lifeless, mature, and sun-damaged skin alike.

5. French Clay - High amounts of mineral-rich sea plant matter, morphed by the cycles of nature, are what make luxuriant French Clay so effective at minimizing the appearance of pores and removing impurities. This anti-aging, blemish-clearing ingredient helps restore, balance, exfoliate, detoxify, and improve skin’s circulation to reveal its inherent glow.

6. Calendula - The beautiful, yellow flowers of the Calendula plant are revered for their astringent properties. Active constituents include high levels of flavonoids, which help calm irritated skin and aid in the healing of both acne and acne scars.

Think of our Matcha Mask as an anti-aging superfood smoothie for your skin: nourishing, skin-plumping, balancing and guaranteed to help you feel great. Like beginning your day with the right nutrition, including the Mask in your weekly Skincare Ritual pretty much guarantees an up-leveling of your glow-factor. But don't just take our word for it— read the reviews