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Why Organic? You thought you knew.

In one way or another I have been deeply involved in the organic movement for 20 years. For the past 15 years, I’ve been eating, buying, and growing organic food and building a brand called Pangea Organics.

Back in the year 2000 I started making bar soap with organic oils, herbs, and flowers. I would sell them at the Boulder Farmers Market, concert parking lots, and anywhere people were. Some people use to ask me why I care about my soap being organic. It just made sense to me, but the questions made me think about how to answer these questions.

For me it was all about the Earth. Why would we add toxins to the Earth to produce food when food should be our medicine? Over the years my understanding of the destructive nature of conventional big agriculture grew. My knowledge of the entire lifespan (which, in some cases there is no end) of a petrochemical-based herbicide or fungicide grew as well. Most importantly what evolved was a deep understanding of how our actions, our decisions, and our choices impact people all over the world in ways that are simply hard to understand until you visit the farms where this occurs.

By not buying organic we are supporting a system where villages and the families that live there will be covered with agricultural toxins. Mothers and children work on these farms. What kind of conditions would you want you family working in? Personally, I vote for clean water and rich organic soil. We all should have the right and the choice to be healthy.

Organic is not a little logo on a piece of fruit or a bottle of lotion-organic is a movement. It’s a movement driven by people who believe in nurturing others, who believe in fairness, equality. Organic is a movement driven by people who believe that the end consumer is always the Earth.

Often times I hear that people believe there is no difference between organic and natural. I am somebody who has visited 100’s of farms in my life, organic and conventional, and I will tell you…you have been had!

What keeps me inspired is to see how Pangea has inspired other people and businesses to look at the system in a different way, to ask questions, and to demand answers. We spend every day proving that compromise is for politics and not for life. Not our lives, not others’ lives, and definitely not when it comes to this planet. We live here.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to visit many farms that grow our ingredients and many who produce food for our communities. Organic farms look at the world through a different lens.

The farm in Egypt that produces many of our organic essential oils pays a living wage and provides the same health care for its workers as the upper class receives. Another organic essential oil farm I just visited a few weeks ago in Haiti pays a living wage and supports 23,000 Haitian families. My good friend Mike and his family bought and run a farm called Frog Belly Organic Farm right here in Boulder, Colorado. They work tirelessly to produce the highest quality organic food for this community using biodynamic farming methods. All around the world organic is changing lives, improving communities, and course, correcting the art of growing our food that has gone terribly wrong for half a century.

Clean food, clean water, and good health are our basic rights and conventional big agriculture is poisoning those rights for us and many generations to come. It is time we vote with our dollars and send a message to the world that we deserve better and so does every person in every country on this Planet.

Every time you use a Pangea Organics product you are affecting over 12 communities around the world positively. 52 countries, 4 million acres of land.

Pangea is organic and always will be because all of this matters to us. All of it.

I want to thank all of the customers, Pangea Home Office team members, our Independent Pangea Business Owners, buyers, moral supporters, farmers, investors, and suppliers for supporting this dream. To me you are all Pangeans! Without all of you none of this would be possible.

Thank you for 15 years of saying yes.

Much Love.

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