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Wild Indigo

Wild Indigo is not only a great name, it is a flower with remarkable abilities. Here are some fabulous Wild Indigo facts:

Wild Indigo is a Perennial
Wild Indigo is a bushy, robust perennial with flowers that are blue-purple and pea-like, grouped in dense, upright, terminal spikes. Its botanic name is baptisia australis. It is native to the southern prairies of North America.

Wild Indigo is an Adaptogen
Adaptogens are natural substances thought to help the body adapt to stress by exerting a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. Wild Indigo’s adaptogenic effects help skin stabilize, even under stress factors such as diet, hormones, or environment.

Wild Indigo is Used in Ayurvedic Medicine
Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine use Wild Indigo to help treat everything from fevers to itchy skin to colic.

Why We Love It
Wild Indigo helps to calm skin and reduce inflammation.

Want to check out Wild Indigo for yourself? This bioactive is featured in our Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Cream, an omega-rich, non-foaming, gentle and effective facial cleanser recommended for all skin types.

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