You Thought Taxes Were Ripping You Off…

- By: Aimee Regur

People in almost every country I’ve traveled to spend so much time complaining about taxes and how much of their money their government is taking. What you very rarely hear people talking about is how much of our lives, money, experiences, and dreams are stolen by the charlatan in our minds.

This voice that we have been listening to since a very young age lies to us all day every day. This voice is the one that tells you 101 reasons why you can’t succeed, why you can’t try something new, why you shouldn’t ask that person out that you’ve had a crush on for a decade, or why you can’t have financial freedom. We know this voice well, better than our favorite band’s lyrics. It’s feeding off the biggest fear of this human experience: the fear of failure and rejection. If we listen to this voice we will be safe, reducing our risk of failure and rejection will create a safer life, right? Ask your heart and your heart will tell you if your brain is lying to you. You see your heart wants you to live the best life possible, to have limitless love, adventure, romance, and freedom.

The best way to live with a dragon is to tame it. Give it a name and call it out when it starts to gab in your ear, silence it, and let your heart chime in. Today is the day to stop allowing negative thoughts to rob you of the most precious gift we will ever receive…life.

Tame Your Dragon.

Enjoy the Journey.