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Your Skin Tells a Story

What your skin looks like and how it feels, according to Pangea Founder & CEO, Joshua Onysko, is a product of what you eat as well as what you put on your skin every day. If you’re reading this blog you probably have a good grasp on what you put on your skin - though with seasons, age, environmental factors, and stress you might need to give your routine a new look. But you’re here so we know you know where to go for the best skincare.

However, what you put into your body is how you feed your skin. Joshua says, the more you understand what you are eating and how it impacts your health the better your skin will be. His tips for getting the healthiest and most glowing skin are:

1. Have a balanced diet with a lot of alkaline foods. These include mushrooms, lots of veggies, quinoa, all sorts of fermented foods like tempeh and sauerkraut, and other winter goodies that might include squash, sweet potatoes, and greens.

2. Learn about nutrition so that you can make great choices. If you are new to the idea of looking into nutrition take it from a self care perspective and not a diet perspective. There is a lot of information out there that can help you like Gentle Nutrition: A Non-Diet Approach to Healthy Eating.

3. Go plant-based to improve your health. If you want some fun plant based cookbooks two authors who are really rad are Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Bryant Terry. For some old school 90’s vegan food another great author is Myra Kornfield.

4. Eat protein at every meal. That can be tofu and tempeh, those veggie faves, and beans, quinoa, nuts, and seeds. The world is your vegan oyster when it comes to veggie proteins. Do a little research and find what you love.

“Your skin tells the story of what you are eating,” Joshua says. So create a story of care, health, and love by feeding yourself well. For more of Joshua's tips and recipes take a look at this blog on plant-based eating.

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