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Homemade cleaning products supercharged with custom-crafted organic Essential Oil blends make your home feel and smell like pure magic. Create your own signature floor cleaner, counter spray, and bathroom cleanser that smell great, save money, and spare the planet more single-use plastic bottles.

Mix your customized Pangea Essential Oil blends with the proper ratio of agents such as vinegar, purified water and our body wash… and voilà! In your hands is an eco-friendly solution to many of your daily household cleaning needs.

Pangea's Everyday Household Cleaner Recipe: Mix ¼ cup of organic white vinegar, 1 teaspoon of Pangea Body Wash, 1½ cups of purified water and 25 drops of your favorite Pangea Essential Oils in this bottle. Shake well and use often with a clean sponge or cloth. Blend your favorite Pangea Essential Oils to create a powerful experience of purification and clearing for your home. Dilute your Essential Oil blend with the appropriate cleansing agents and keep on hand for your daily and weekly home cleaning rituals. Follow us on Instagram @pangeaorganics for weekly Essential Oil formulas you can make yourself for home and body.

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