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Having been a scuba diver for 25+ years, Pangea’s founder Joshua Scott Onysko has spent a lot of time in the ocean. Seeing plastic entangled around dolphins, whales, sharks and sea animals haunted him, vowing to take all of Pangea's products plastic free:

"One of the most exciting things about being a creator or a founder and someone who stewards a brand is, that there's no end to the way we can innovate as a company. First it was having plant-based products, then it was having plant-based organic products, and now it's going plastic free.

I think it's our job as creators - as creatives and as founders to constantly be thinking about the next seven generations, and how, what we're creating today is going to affect them.

Beauty unpolluted is really an idea that we use to govern how we make decisions at Pangea. It's a guiding principle."