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About Alpine Provisions


Alpine Provisions was born out of reasons very personal to me. You could even say that it is the embodiment of everything I value about life on this beautiful planet.

Ostensibly, I started Alpine Provisions because I desire to offer the world access to affordable, sustainable, organic products ­— but that’s just a front. The real reason I started this company is to give the next generation an opportunity to know and love nature by providing them with true wilderness experiences.

You see, when I was 16 I dropped out of school. I just didn’t fit in where I lived, in the suburbs. I was like the proverbial fish out of water, and it felt like I was suffocating. I bought a 1973 VW camper, restored it, and made plans to move to Vermont. 

As vintage busses do, mine broke down three times on the way up to my destination. By the time I arrived, it was October. The leaves had turned and everything was bathed in a golden, auspicious glow. I knew I was on to something life-changing.

It took a few weeks to find a job and a home, but I was happily living out of my van, with my dog. Things were uncomplicated, and I felt more like “myself” than I knew was even possible. One morning my dog and I took a walk up a wooded, mountain trail. After about an hour I realized that I was hearing silence for the very first time in my life.  Not the absence of noise, mind you, but the absence of man-made sounds. This silence was the absence of commerce, of steel and asphalt, of rubber meeting road, an absence of all the time-space agreements we organize our lives around. 

What I could hear was birdsong. I could hear the breeze through the trees, and a creek babbling nearby.  I could feel the soft body of the earth, and when I did, something wiry and tight unwound in my own body.  A sense of calm washed over me. Not only could I think clearly, but I could know clearly. I had an epiphany: the mountains are my native element; they are my home.

By the following Autumn, I had moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I spent three years exploring every nook and cranny of the Tetons. I lived in cabins, chopped wood and grew my own food. I felt alive and free.

Later, I moved to Boulder, Colorado where I bought and restored a cedar A-frame. I taught myself how to grow a garden in adverse, mountain conditions. I raised chickens, goats, and honeybees. All the beings on my land thrive there, just as I do. 

It was on a hike in the nearby Indian Peaks Wilderness, when I reflected on the gratitude I feel for my life in the mountains, that I began thinking about what I could do to create the most positive impact for future generations. 

I believe that if we want to improve the future of this planet, we have to show our youth there is more to the world than the constructed reality of social media and the constant demands that ping and buzz and direct our attention toward our little screens. We must inspire kids to value leadership over power, and stewardship over ownership. Yet, how can we expect future generations to be stewards of this planet if they don’t have the opportunity to explore it?  

My current contribution to this issue is to create a scholarship that helps get disadvantaged youth into the woods, where they can breathe mountain air and learn about the sacredness of this planet. It is our youth’s birthright to know what it’s like to climb mountains, traverse valleys, hear silence, see sunsets, and jump off rocks into cold, mountain lakes.

The Alpine Provisions Scholarship Fund is fueled by 5% of all our sales. It provides three-week Outward Bound Leadership Trainings to youth that are without means.

Alpine Provisions’ products are created with the world’s finest, sustainably sourced ingredients, and are scented with the finest saps, oils, and flowers the mountains have to offer. They are designed to elicit your own, joyful connection to nature, even if the jungle you’re navigating that day happens to be made of concrete.

I call that a win/win.

The world becomes a better place the moment we choose to make it so.


Joshua Scott Onysko

Founder, Alpine Provisions. 


Crown to toe you are a child of the wild, made of stardust
and saltwater, mud and thin air, fire and ferocity.
The yearning to rejoin your native element tastes like the rush of spring water
and feels like tethering your very soul to the wind.
Make your way to the forest floor. The first filtered light on your skin perfumes
the air with warming amber resin. You have an audience with truth now.
You are awake.
Your map is the way of breath moving blood, your soundtrack is birdsong.
Beads of sweat are a baptism in this high temple. 
Soon you will see your summit for the first time. Remind yourself that in this
moment, as in all of life,what appears to be an insurmountable peak
is soon to be your vantage point.
This is the time to let go of fear and embrace the clarion call of your heart.
Your path has become a single track. Straight and narrow, fueled by focus,
until your momentum is a river with a current so strong it cannot be stopped.
There is no other day than this one. Give yourself to it,
and it will give you everything in return.
- Joshua Scott Onysko, Founder



Alpine Provisions is an answer to the call of your body's desire to be drenched in untamed wilderness. We make products that elevate your daily self-care rituals to a daily nature plunge. Our Castile Body Wash, Deodorant, Lip Balm, and more are loaded with nutrient-dense, skin-loving, organic Oils, such as Olive and Coconut, and are scented with sustainably sourced, organic aromatherapy blends inspired by some of our favorite places in the natural world. Everything we create is sourced with respect for people, planet, and purity. Five percent of all our sales benefit a scholarship fund we have created in partnership with the Colorado Outward Bound School that provides young adults with three-week-long outdoor leadership programs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Utah, Alaska, and Wyoming. 


One of the most profound gifts we can give our youth is time spent in the outdoors. Many kids have no access to vast, raw wilderness and the life-shaping perspective that comes from experiencing it firsthand. We believe that when young people get to know and appreciate the beauty of nature, it shapes them to become conscious leaders within their own communities. Our future truly depends on the future generations’ ability to understand the world around them. For this reason, Alpine Provisions has partnered with the Colorado Outward Bound School to provide young adults with scholarships for three-week outdoor leadership programs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Utah, Alaska, and Wyoming. Five percent of all our sales go into this scholarship fund.




For any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to support@alpineprovisionsco.com