The fringe predicts the future.

Joshua Scott Onysko

A Note About Our Founder

Though he is no stranger to the cities of this world, Joshua Scott Onysko is, at his heart, a mountain man. He’s an accomplished plant-based chef, self-taught perfumer, skincare expert, public speaker, and visual artist. He lives by the credo that what appears to be an insurmountable peak one day will certainly be his vantage point the next.

As a heart-based, Earth-first entrepreneur, Joshua has proven his mantra many times over that “the fringe predicts the future.” He believes that every brand he creates must steward the fringe by leading with cutting-edge formulations and packaging. He knows that fair, forward-thinking business practices will positively shape the lives of his stakeholders – from employees to farmers – and those practices require a vision that stretches beyond the comfort of the mainstream.

Like many entrepreneurs, Joshua never let mainstream thought-forms get in his way. At age six he landed his first job delivering newspapers; at age 14 he had a thriving fake ID business. By 16 he dropped out of school and began to work and travel his way around the world. He spent time in over 56 countries taking any job opportunity that arose, from selling peaches with gypsies in India, to slinging knock-off Rolex watches and Luis Vuitton handbags in the red light district of Tokyo.

His relentless passion to create could not be fulfilled through the rites of passage societally imposed upon most kids. He believes that more often than not, traditional education stifles the true potential of our youth, and he is grateful for a life that has flourished by his efforts to make his own way.

If you want to find Joshua, he’ll be at his cedar A-frame in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado chopping wood, playing blues harp, or cooking plant-based meals for his friends. If he’s not there, look for him on a dirt road, riding his dual-sport motorcycle, where he won’t be looking for adventure, but, rather, creating it.