Pangea Organics was formed in 2001 from a simple concept: we and the earth are one, and in that oneness, the earth gives us everything we require to maintain our health, vibrancy, and youthful glow.

We have traveled near and far, cultivating relationships with organic farmers who dedicate their lives and land to producing the most nutrient-dense, organic ingredients on the planet. We have rigorously educated ourselves on how to extract the highest quotient of active components from each plant.

This means everything we create is birthed from years of research and tireless testing. The result is a line of products that nourish you organically from crown to sole, are rich with the aromatherapeutic benefits of organic Essential Oils and exceed the expectations of both our customers and ourselves.

The products we make are alive. They contain secrets ready to become legends, scents yearning to be experienced, tastes demanding to be savored, and journeys waiting to be shared. We understand that customers crave experience and connection, not just exquisite things. At the heart of our mission is our passion to inspire customers to feel and look amazing while living in harmony with our planet. We create products designed to bestow a glow that only the wild and free genius of nature can provide.

Everything we make comes from the combined wisdom of cutting-edge science and organic technology and the elegant perfection of the untamed creative process.

All of our choices -- from fair-trade, organic sourcing, to 100% plant-based, non-synthetic formulas -- stem from a commitment to beautify and nourish our communities while keeping the earth's best interest at the forefront of every decision. We know that the fringe predicts the future, and our brands have the job of stewarding the fringe as it moves us, collectively, toward living with greater respect for planet, purity, and people.